About Us

We have been in the food industry for 3 generations.

Our adventure in food catering, which started in 1954 in Antalya, the tourism city of our country, is our family heritage; In 1986, we realized the production of carob molasses on an industrial scale and hygienic conditions for the first time in our country, and we have proudly carried this heritage to the present day.


We produce Carob, Andız and Mulberry Molasses and Carob Flour in a total area of ​​12.000 m2, of which 4.500 m2 is closed, in our manufacturing facility in Aksu, Antalya.


Our facility is a “large scale molasses and carob flour manufacturing facility”, with our skilled workers and modern production machines; In addition to providing large-scale production to our customers, we reach our end consumers with our registered brand "TAÇ".


We resolutely continue our mission of production without additives and added sugar; We offer high quality products to our customers with our manufacturer identity. Our registered brand “TAÇ”, which we bring together with the end consumer, also provides access to additive-free and added sugar-free products.


Our products produced in our facility with a monthly production capacity of 60 tons of molasses and 60 tons of carob flour; It responds to the demands of not only domestic but also foreign companies. The quality of our products, which can easily enter European Union member countries thanks to its additive-free and added sugar-free content assurance, is also welcomed by our foreign customers.


In addition to our manufacturer identity, we are proud of our development that grows day by day and contributes to Turkey's export volume, and we continue to deliver our products to companies in many countries of the world by making continuous breakthroughs in this regard.


In addition, our company; It carries out production certified with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22000: 2018 Certificates, Halal Certificate and BIO Certificate, and continues its mission of offering the best to its customers by continuing its R&D studies with the food engineers it employs.

"Feel the goodness from nature in every spoon."

About Us

We produce various food products since 1954 in Antalya, Turkey. Our plant is located on a 12000 m2 land in Antalya's Aksu district, in a closed area of ​​4500 m2. 

In 1986, we realized to production of carob molasses in industrial scale for the first time. Thus, we pioneered the industrial production of this traditional food product in our country.


Over time, we assorted our products with the production of mulberry, juniper molasses and recently, carob powder. We have produced molasses (also called concentrate or syrup) from fruits, cones or kibbled pods, respectively using liquid-solid extraction, filtration and evaporation processes.


Initially, our products were produced for local markets but due to increasing demands from global market, they have been started to export to all over the World, especially to Europe and Middle East markets since 1990s.


The maximum total Carob, Juniper and Mulberry Molasses and Carob Powder production capacities are 60.000 and 30.000 kg per month, respectively.


All products produced in our facility do not contain any added sugar or additives and are offered to the market with the brand "TAÇ".


All our products can be ordered with the following packaging;

Glass jar (pack of 12 pieces of 800 g glass jar)

HDPE plastic jerry can (27 kg)

Metal tin can (24 kg)

IBC tank (1350 kg)

Üç Kuşak Gıda Üretiyor

Üretim serüvenimiz; ilk konserve fabrikasını kurmasıyla Antalya'nın kentsel mirasına dahil kabul edilen "Konserveciler" olarak bilinen bir aileye dayanmaktadır.